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Our amazing Peru Ucayali River Cacao beans now in a super creamy 45% milk chocolate. Then add in the old campfire favorites of organic marshmallow...
Tanzania 70% Hop Aged Dark Chocolate Tanzania 70% Hop Aged Dark Chocolate
Have you ever wondered what a chocolate IPA tastes like? Look for farther! Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania produces some of the most wonderful cacao. Sweet...
Sweet and juicy cherry meets light cream and citrus notes in this wonderful bar. Made from beautiful cacao beans from the Kokoa Kamili Cooperative in...
Tasting Bars Tasting Bars
Want to have an amazing chocolate tasting experience in the comfort of your own home? We have got you covered. We now offer all of...
These amazing beans from the Tabasco region of Mexico offer a deep array of nuttiness and hints of berry fruits. We've made this bar with...

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